Afraid of Aging? This Book Might Change Your Mind

Ok I love the title of this book, 'Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties.'  Although it's fiction its all too real in the way we can feel about ourselves.  Some women will say they feel invisible.  A friend of mine has a great joke where she says  what's worse then not getting catcalled is walking behind someone getting catcalled - Heather Apostolidis

Afraid of Aging? Camille Pagán’s New Book Might Change Your Mind

The Observer | Lorraine Duffy Merkl

One minute you’re an It Girl, garnering attention just by walking into a room; then the next, you’re a mature woman people don’t seem to notice. Such is the challenge for “Maggie Harris,” the 53-year-old Chicago wife and mother in Camille Pagán’s fourth novel Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties, just released by Lake Union Publishing.