How Do You Feel Competing With Other Women?

As a kid I would compete in physical activities without any thought.  I even competed with the boys in the neighborhood.  But competing against a person directly was hard for me - like a lot of us.   I didn't like how it felt in 5th grade when  my teacher would compare me to Lynn Darrah. I could have gotten an A+ but Lynn got A++ so she'd let everyone in the class know.  That hurt didn't rev up my competitive nature.  I actually  kind of stopped trying.  I wanted to avoid  too much disappointment.  It felt like there was too much to lose - a friend - a sister - a race.  If I did well I didn't want others to feel bad.  I have all the typical symptoms of women and competing.   Did you learn how to compete in a healthy manner?  Do you like to compete? I would love to read your thoughts below!  : ) 

Women shouldn't have to feel bad about competing with each other

Quartz at Work  |  Diane Barth

In her book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg acknowledges the history of women’s hostile competitiveness with one another in business—one fictional example is the aggressive, merciless female executive played by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. But Sandberg tells us that this attitude existed mostly in the past. Nowadays, she writes, women are eagerly supporting their female colleagues, not undermining them in order to protect their own success.