You Never Truly Outgrow ‘The Age Of Love’

I've never gone to a speed dating event.  I've attempted (one time)  to go but it seemed my age range was already sold out.  LOL  Chicken. 

I love this idea.  How smart and how smart to make a movie about it.  As you get older it is harder to meet someone - that's my experience anyway.  So at 70 it has to be harder and I guess I've never really thought of people in their 70s wanting to date.  Not very enlightened of me.  Have you ever gone to a speed dating event?  Love you to share below. : )

Documentary Shows You Never Truly Outgrow ‘The Age Of Love’

Houston Public Media | Abner Fletcher

The Age of Love is a new documentary that hopes to showcase an often overlooked aspect of getting older: dating. For many people, dating is just as important in their 70s as it was in their 20s, and the documentary follows a group of 30 older adults participating in a speed dating event in New York.