Let's Talk About Being Single

Since "About half of Americans are single"  why do I sometimes feel embarrassed that I'm single.  I don't feel it all the time but sometimes.  I always feel people should let you tell them if you're attached or not because when they ask the question "are you dating"?  To me it almost feels like I forgot to do something.  Like when your dentist ask if you've  flossed.  Oh I haven't been flossing. I know I should be but I keep forgetting to buy the floss.  I know flossing helps your gums feeling cared for".   Are you single? How to you feel about it?  I would love to read your comments below. : )

7 Women Ages 28 To 65 Get Honest About Being Single

Huff Post  |  Jamie Feldman

About half of Americans are single, and half of those who marry end up getting divorced. Yet single women nearing age 30 are constantly dodging questions about their mates (or lack thereof) from peers, parents and the grandmothers whose one goal in life is to see their grandchildren marry off and make babies.