Middle-Aged Women Becoming Super Powers in Hollywood WHAT??

I have to admit that I haven't seen any of these movies.  I'm not a Sci-Fi person.  I like that older women in Hollywood are getting parts for sure.  These women definitely have Super-Powers in general if they last in Hollywood that long.   Super-Powers should have life experience.  We have it.  We have it for lots of things. Love to hear your thoughts.  Comment below. : )

Being a middle-aged woman is a super power, and Hollywood is finally catching on

The Week  |  Laura Bogart

I spent most of my 35th birthday ugly-crying over the grey hairs I'd just noticed in my brunette bangs, like bleached tentacles rising from a dark sea. My friends' jokey texts welcoming me to "almost middle age" and "impending old-ladyhood" socked me in an unexpectedly tender place, a part of me that was achy over the fact that even if I still wasn't old, I wasn't exactly young anymore, either.