Funny Men and Women Stand-up for Older Comics

I love this article because I do stand-up (4 years in this time) it's hard not to think that when I'm really on my game I'll be too old to get any work.  I think the U.S. is the worst place for just wanting only the young and beautiful.  I started later in life pursuing this passion and up until now I wouldn't acknowledge that I was middle-aged.  I hate that word and I know I could just call myself a Perennial instead but then I'd have to explain what that means.  But that is my issue and I'm working my way out of it.  I'm making my way out of the closet.   LOL  What do you feel when you hear the word 'middle-aged'?  How do you feel about the word "perennial"?  I would really love to hear your comments below.  : )

It’s a funny OLD game: Funny men and women making a stand for older stand-ups

The Herald Scotland  |  Russell Leadbetter

MANY actresses have complained, rightly, about the ageism in film and television. But it turns out that many older stand-up comedians have a genuine issue with TV, too. Some of them are disappointed that, merely because they have passed the age of 50, they cannot get onto such popular hit shows as Live at the Apollo, despite their talent and their hard-won experience.