10 Women that Shaped History

This is a great overview of some (because we know there were more) of the women that had important influences on history.  To get more information on these woman you have to dig a little deeper into the museums that have the information.  But I've linked you to  a few below to make it a bit easier.  Any women did you not know about? Please comment below  : )

    Catherine the Great        Emily Wilding Davidson       Rosa Parks       Emma Lazarus

10 women that shaped history – and where to explore their legacy

The Telegraph  |  Sophie Campbell

Women? We’re everywhere. We run countries, supreme courts, central banks, tech giants and football clubs. We almost won Best Director at the Oscars. We float, we fly, we even have a sense of humour. So in the spirit of #metoo and black dresses at the Golden Globes, let’s plan a few visits around the women who have played their part in history.