Men-Oh-Pausal Women in the Movies

Oh I like this article. Snap!  This is our present day truth. Getting older, feeling invisible and feeling like we don't have the right to complain about.   Or speak out about it. Since this is what happens.  Because people don't want to talk about and definitely don't want to see it on the big or little screen.  Truth hurts but when I read an article like this I feel some hope. I actually have more than some hope.   Any feelings coming up? Love to see your comments below.  : )

Let’s see menopausal women on screen – in all their glory

The Guardian  |  Suzanne Moore

The absence of the menopause in popular culture shows that it remains taboo – and women pay the price. A woman rushing out of the door for a job interview suddenly feels unbelievably uncomfortable. She has to down a glass of water, take off her scarf and fan herself.