Dark Age Site Show Women Were Pioneers of Europe

I knew it couldn't just have been the men that traveled such distances in the Dark Ages.  Men are bad with directions.  This is fascinating.   I don't know what to make of that the structure of these women's skull were so different. This I need to research a little more and I'll get back to you.  That aside - women are peacemakers it makes sense that they would have reached out to find new alliances.  

Deformed skulls from Dark Age Site Show Women Were Pioneers of Europe, Not Just Men

Independent | Harriet Agerholm

Artificially-elongated heads discovered in Bavaria indicate high-class females travelled long distances on their own. Women were pioneers of medieval Europe, traveling vast distances across the continent, a new study has found. Scientists tracing migratory patterns have found unusually tall female skulls – a consequence of childhood head-binding – in Germany.