Midlife Career Changes - Entrepreneurs

Perhaps it's time to move to the UK.  It seems starting your own business after mid-40's to early 50s' is a new trend.  More and more women are jumping on the bandwagon. I was trying to see if this is as popular here in the US but all my articles took me to the UK publications.  But with all the great women I know mid 40's to 50 working on their own businesses it's already happening.  

The age advantage: how female 'olderpreneurs' are starting businesses in midlife

Telegraph | Rosa Silverman

When Jane Kellock proposed an idea for a new business to her male boss and an investor, their response was disappointing. “They said, ‘I like this bit but I don’t like that bit,’” she recalls. “They were quite disparaging.” But Kellock, 56, who had spent her career working as a trend forecaster in the fashion industry, did not stay demoralised for long.