Women Leaders and Five Traits

Sometimes I don't like articles like these where the author gives you a list of the eight things to become a blah blah. Because normally I think 'I know that' but I just can't execute them.  But I like this article because it feels more practical and it reinforces why I could embrace it.  One of the traits I wish we could be called is Jerk instead of Bitch. So much fairer.  Are you able to own any of these traits and how did you learn to do that?  I would love to hear your comments below.  

Five Traits Every Woman Leader Needs To Embrace

Forbes  |  Liz Elting

It’s no secret that women get penalized for the kinds of behaviors that earn men respect. This phenomenon has many knock-on effects, making it harder for women to advance in corporate or other organizational settings, normalizing bad behavior because it’s coded as masculine (and thus powerful), and perpetuating the idea that women are best suited for specific service roles. 

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