Female Anger is Empowering and Important

I'm basically a chill person but when I feel there is an injustice to me or to someone the anger lights up in me like fire.  I totally believe the #MeToo movement was ignited because of Trump and his attitude towards women.  And witnessing the Entertainment Tonight tape having no effect just pushed the red button for us.  I love this  statement in the article. It is delicious and I want some of it. “It’s them getting in touch with their feminist rage that breaks the world right open for them.”

'Good Girls' Makes Female Anger Empowering & It's The Catharsis We Need In The #MeToo Era

Bustle | Shannon Carlin

Ask Jenna Bans and she’ll tell you a “salty 70-year-old broad from Minnesota” was the inspiration behind her new feminist show Good Girls. Just days after hearing Donald Trump proclaim he could grab women by the pussy, Bans had a “pivotal conversation” with that broad — who also happens to be her mom — about the sexist tone the election coverage had taken.