Can a Past Model Become a Model Now at 50?

At first I thought - ok easy for her she was a model in the past.  That's not really the point of the article since people that haven't been models in the past are doing it.  What I like about this article is that she went for it.  It would be easy at 50 to think oh that time is over.  We can think that with lots of things.  I do it some days with my stand-up.  But I'm working hard not to do that (also with the help of friends that remind me) and just work on the thing I love besides this site. Is there something you would like to get back to or try for the first time?  I'd love to hear what it is.  Please comment below. 

‘I’m 50. Am I too old to be a model again?’

The Guardian | Karen Dobres

It’s been 25 years since Karen Dobres last worked as a model. Could she harness her ‘grey power’ to once again make it in an industry driven by youth? Recently, I read online that Vogue Italia had dedicated itself to “timelessness” with 73-year-old Lauren Hutton gracing its cover.