Twiggy Is Happy Getting Older

Well if you know about Twiggy we're close in age. I learned of her through my sisters.  I have to check if she  first "Super Model".   She was criticized and it seems still is for the unhealthy boy body model looks that was started.  What if there had been no Twiggy do we think someone else would have come along since the torment of women was bound to happen anyway?  LOL  What is your feelings about your body?  Do you suffer from body dysmorphia?  Which in short is someone see there body very negatively from how it really looks.  Let's share our dysmorphias below.  LOL : ) 

Twiggy reveals why she is happy getting older

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Twiggy reveals why she is happy getting older. Twiggy isn’t “upset” about getting older and would rather focus her energy on being positive about what she is. The 68-year-old model would rather “celebrate” her age and maintain a positive attitude than “waste energy” worrying about the passing of time. She said: “There’s no point feeling upset.

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