Older Mums & Happily Childless Thoughts on Mother's Day

I wasn't sure whether to post this since it felt like a bit of a rollercoaster in feelings.  But I guess that is the reality of having a child or not.  Personally, I never had the urge for children.  I have 13 nieces and nephew and love them like crazy but never wanted to be a mom.  I did and sometimes still do feel weird when people asked me if I have children when I tell them I'm divorced.  This articles looks at the many sides of this big decision and desire about having children.  What does Mother's Day mean to to.  Love to see your comments below. : )

From older mums to the happily childless: what does Mother’s Day mean today?

The Guardian  |   Donna Ferguson
Waiting to conceive is becoming the norm in Britain – and late motherhood, or letting parenthood go, brings with it an extraordinary range of highs and lows. Lizzie Harrop is hoping she might receive a box of chocolates or a handmade card on Sunday, but what she is most looking forward to is spending lots of time outdoors in the Leicestershire countryside with her three-year-old son, Barnaby.