Madonna And The Way We Talk About Women & Aging

Even though this isn't the most interesting of articles -  I had to post it.  Madonna represents a very specific time in my life.  And probably does for a lot of people.  I was a dancer/choreographer in NYC and just lived the artist life.  I waited tables at Fanelli's Cafe in Soho (which was filled with artists of all kinds) and took dance classes and performed and choreographed and all I did was want to dance.  To see Madonna still doing her thing just filled me with the oh so sentimental feelings and just a joy of the past.  

Madonna Wants To Change The Way We Talk About Women & Aging

Refinery 29  |  Lexy Lebsack
A sea of fans, with their phones held high in the air, filled the cosmetics floor of Barneys in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night, all waiting to catch a quick glimpse of the biggest icon in pop music history.