Bring the Work of Arab Women Scholars and Writers to the Forefront

Well this goes without saying in our world but in the Arab world as little as I do know the women are less able to rise up and shine since.   There were and are many female writers and there were literature salons in the past where they had status.  I guess this article is just informational.  It's kind of overwhelming to me since it's a bigger egg to crack then the one we are trying to.  

We need to bring the work of Arab women scholars and writers to the forefront

The National, AEU | Rana Askoul

For the opening of her book, The Veil and the Male Elite: A Feminist Interpretation Of Women's Rights In Islam, Fatema Mernissi chose the story of her encounter with her local grocer, in which she asks him a simple but provocative question: “can a woman be a leader of Muslims?”.