Sheryl Sandberg has a Plan for 50% of Male Managers

This issue did cross my mind about how now bosses would stop mentoring women because of the #MeToo conversations happening.  There is always the worry if you speak up about something you can then become a target of some kind.  Being truthful isn't always welcome in business especially coming from women. But somehow we have to. 

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Sheryl Sandberg Has a Plan for the 50% of Male Managers Afraid to Mentor Women

Quartz at Work | Leah Fessler

Men are finally beginning to be held accountable for sexual harassment. And (surprise, surprise) many of them aren’t reacting so well. What’s not necessary, or remotely okay? Reacting to #MeToo by isolating yourself from the women you work with—an inclination which has become all too common, according to a new study conducted by the Sheryl Sandberg-founded women’s empowerment nonprofit LeanIn.Org and Survey Monkey.