Zelda D'Aprano fought for equality all her life. The fire in our bellies is her legacy

A true walker of the talk from down under.  So cool.  She was the head of  the "Ain't Havin' It Union".  She paid only 75% of her tram fare since women were only making 75 cent to the dollar.  Is that not inspiring?   Wait isn't that what it still now 75%?  Comment below

Zelda D'Aprano Fought for Equality all her Life. The Fire in our Bellies is her Legacy

theGuardian.com | Leena Van Deventer

Zelda D’Aprano was an unstoppable force, and if you didn’t like it, you best got out of the way. It’s through my work as a director of the Victorian Women’s Trust that I got to know Zelda, and she has been a personal hero of mine ever since.