Meet the Over 60s Supermodels: A “Greynaissance” Happening

I honestly can't read enough of these stories of older women still doing their thing. We don't have to drop off.    

Meet the Over 60s Supermodels: How a “Greynaissance” is Sweeping Through Fashion

Newstatesman | Hilary Mitchell

Daphne Selfe, an 89-year-old supermodel, looks almost impossibly elegant as she glides onto the stage at a fashion event in Edinburgh. She’s tall and slim, with a mane of silver-grey hair piled perfectly on top of her head, and she’s impeccably dressed in a red, crushed-velvet jacket and long leopard-print skirt. She’s at the event to talk about diversity in fashion, and her eyes flash when she’s asked if she thinks people only hire her as a “token” effort to seem politically-correct.