Listen To The Oldest Yoga Teacher - 'There's Nothing You Can't Do' (quick read)

This is a quick read article. And it is the exact reason I started this blog. Stories like this. The words “There’s nothing you can’t do” may sound a tad pollyanna-ish like but Porchon-Lynch lives this daily. She is a freaking 100 year old yoga teacher!! Inspiring and truth is ‘you get back the energy that you put out into the universe.’ 

Meet the Oldest Yoga Teacher in the World, a 100-Year-Old Former Actress and Model Who Says 'There's Nothing You Can't Do'

Time | Elizabeth Barber

When the fortune cookies arrived after lunch, the 100-year-old yogi cracked one open, her blue eyes twinkling, and read the inscription aloud:

“Age can never hope to win while your heart is young.”