Over 50 And Beautifully Rocking The Skinny Jean

To be honest the idea of the skinny jean often fills me with dread. But that was the case even 20 years ago when I was closer to skinny than I ever have been. I never thought I could wear them because I wasn’t skinny. Of course I know now that it isn’t the case.

I have to say however, in this article we can’t ignore the fact that these the women in the Instagram images all have skinny legs. So my point is? You be you. LOL

Over-50 Women Who've Mastered the Art of Wearing Skinny Jeans

Who What Wear | Anna Laplaca

We talk about skinny jeans (and the trends to wear with skinny jeans, and the anti-skinny jeans—you get the picture) so often we risk sounding like a broken record.