As You Get Older - What Is The Best Type Of Exercise?

Not another exercise article I hear you say. But this is really so informative and easy to digest. There’s been documentation that weight training - even if it’s just once a week, can help with cardio vascular disease and stroke prevention. But that doesn’t mean give up your endurance exercise. Because that does something else. Endurance exercises help the Telomeres (cells at the end of each chromosomes) from deteriorating. So endurance exercise is working on the cellular level. I just found that so fascinating. I thought endurance was heart related but it’s really about taking care of yourself in a much bigger way.

For Aging Bodies, Endurance and Resistance Training Can Help

Healthline | Brian Mastroianni

For people entering their senior years, staying physically active is key to staying healthy. But it can be difficult to determine which type of workout is best for aging bodies.