How to Defend Against Muscle Loss

I like posting these articles because I hope it will sink a little deeper into my consciousness. Reminding me that I have to really stay on top of this. I work from home and so sitting is easy and now is suppose to be as bad for you as smoking. Because I work for myself, I always feel that I haven’t done enough, so I find it hard to break away to exercise. I never used to be this way but I struggle with how to keep myself motivated. Maybe I’ll print out this article and hang it where I can see it. LOL Maybe I’ll read it again.

Building lean muscle in older females helps to offset strength loss

Nola | Mackie Shilstone

With aging, especially in females after menopause — average age of 51 — there is an associated loss in lean muscle mass, sarcopenia, and strength, dynapenia, both having a negative impact on health, quality of life (frailty), and survival.