What We Can Wear After 50? Anything We Want!

When I read or really I just glance at the articles that tell us over 50 women what we should or shouldn’t be wearing - I get defensive to be honest. To me it’s just one more form of ageism. Putting us in a box and pinning a big Don’t over our choice. Remember when Glamour magazine had it’s Dos and Don’ts. Not like women needed anymore ways to criticize ourselves or our own. I fully believe in the topic of this article that reinforces that us middle-agers should be wearing what makes us feel good. Period.

What Women Over 50 Should Never, Ever Wear

Your Tango | Inez Bracy

Is it really anybody’s business to tell women over 50 what to wear, which fashion tips they should or should not follow, or which cute outfit ideas 'middle-aged' women should steer clear of?