Did I Read That Right? L.A. Wants To Be The Age-Friendliest City in US??

This honestly seems like a oxymoron - or something like that. L.A. - where after age 35 you're put out to pasture - wants to be a "Age-Friendliest City" in the USA?? Are they trying to make up for the years of abuse? Ok I say that with a wink so don’t take me seriously. But seriously. Personally that seems the worst place to grow old. I mean you need a car to get everywhere so what happens when you can’t drive? Maybe these feelings are just my own worries of what city I will live in if I’m lucky enough to grow older? I’ve got to give this some thought. BRB

L.A. Wants To Be The Age-Friendliest U.S. City: How's It Going?

Forbes | Richard Eisenberg

A little over two years ago, the leaders of Los Angeles and L.A. County unveiled Purposeful Aging Los Angeles, their plan to make L.A. “the most age-friendly” place in the world. The idea is more than nice; it’s essential: The LA region’s older adult population is larger than that demo for 41 states…