Ask My Age curates of the best of the web articles about women "of a certain age".   

Hi I'm Judith George.  As I was getting older, I found it hard to find many articles that were about older or "women of certain age" that were inspiring.  They were and are out there but I had to do independent searches for the individual articles.  I just wished I could find them in one spot so I could take a morning read and get inspired.  I wasn't looking for articles to talking about anti-aging, how to look younger or anything like that.  I wanted to read about women making things happen later in their lives.  I decided to look for stories from women over 45 or older or women that could be considered by themselves or society to be "women of a certain age."  I'm a women of a certain age for sure - and was shocked actually when one night at a stand up mic I realized that I'm middle aged.  And I'm going to keep aging.  We all will and I want to have as much of a healthy relationship with it as I can.  So I decided to start this site to gather as many articles as I could about inspiring women, women's views, positive outlooks and anything else that inspires me.  And know I can ride along with the best of these "women of a certain age."  LOL  XO -  Judith